about us

Featuring Argentinian-born singer Solange Lipcin backed by a quartet of virtuosic instrumentalists, the Mendoza Tango Quartet has quickly gained a reputation as one of Australia’s leading tango bands. Mutual lovers of Argentinian music, dance and wine, their name, Mendoza is inspired by the largest wine-producing region in Latin America. Equally at home performing concerts of nuevo tango music as they are playing golden age tango classics for milongueros to dance to, the Mendoza Tango Quartet seeks to infuse their performances with a spicy passionate flavour.

“…the danceability of the music was some of the best I have heard in Australia.”
-Ann Smith, Producer for Tango Capital 2XXfm 98.3 Canberra, 2016. Full podcast available here.

“Unlike so many new tango bands, they are already working with the phraseology and nuances of tango music.”
-Angelina’s Tango Blog, 2015. Full review available here.

As one of Australia’s most danceable tango bands, the Mendoza Tango Quartet has been invited to perform at many of Australia’s tango festivals and events including the Australian Tango Festival, Byron Bay Tango Festival, Maleny Tango Festival and BASH – Buenos Aires in the Southern Highlands. Outside of the tango dance scene, the ensemble has also performed at the Woodford Folk Festival and EMSLA Festival of Fine Art and Music (Coffs Harbour) to great acclaim.